A Theophany is a visible manifestation of God to humankind.

For me, a theophany is the most convincing PROOF OF GOD. Everything else is just speculation, debate, and guesswork. The main reason why I personally believe that God might truly exist is because some people claim to have seen Him, touched Him, and talked with Him.

Theophanies, visions, and spiritual experiences from God are filtered through a person’s individual preparation. These kinds of things are colored, shaped, and interpreted by the individual.

Therefore, these kinds of experiences have many things in common or present certain patterns and themes, since they come from God. On the other hand, there are noticeable differences among the various visions and theophanies, which differences are dependent upon the preparation, mission, and calling of the individual who receives a visible manifestation of God.

The people who study and collect near-death experiences have noticed that there are certain patterns and themes and incidents that seem to be common or typical of the experience. Yet, each individual seems to interpret their near-death experience differently according to their own personal beliefs, desires, and upbringing. The individual seems to shape his own spiritual world around himself or herself, according to the person’s desires, beliefs, level of understanding, and degree of preparation. A person who is prepared for such an experience will have a noticeably different experience than someone who is caught by surprise. Therefore, some people find God through their spiritual experiences, and some people find something else.

These kinds of spiritual experiences are every bit as much a manifestation of an individual’s true nature as they are a manifestation of God. Not everyone finds God through their spiritual experiences, but everyone slowly comes to discover who and what they really are deep inside. Some of us are dark and ugly spirits, and some of us are not. Some of us have spirits that are filled with the light and love of God and Christ.

The only reason that I personally have to suspect that God might actually exist is the fact that many people have claimed to have seen Him and talked with Him face to face.  Their individual accounts seem to paint a consistent picture, which leads me to believe and hope that God really does exist and that Jesus Christ really did rise from the dead and lives again.


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