No Theophanies After Joseph Smith

No Theophanies After Joseph Smith:

wpid-0529_healing_the_earth has done a great job of refuting the claim that Brigham Young and subsequent apostles have never seen Jesus Christ.

Brigham Young and Subsequent Apostles Never Saw Jesus Christ.

Divine Manifestations from the 19th Century.

Divine Manifestations from the 20th Century.

There’s no need to redevelop any of this here.  In many respects, it’s information overload, and I prefer to link to it instead.

Just know that any claim stating that no Apostle after Joseph Smith has ever seen Christ is simply a false statement. It’s usually the first claim that LDS Apostates make when the are leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The truth is that many Apostles since Joseph Smith claim to have seen our Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, which is one of the main reasons why the LDS Church has always been of interest to me.

If Jesus Christ isn’t attending a particular church, then there is no reason for me to attend it either.


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