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Reaping What One Sows

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Reaping What One Sows vs. the Greedy Form of the Law of Attraction:

By Mister Pickles -- July 8, 2013:

This review is from: Harnessing the Magic of the Universe (Kindle Edition)

He seems like a good guy however I have always had an issue with forcing yourself to believe in something 100% in order to manifest it. This is NOT how manifestation works. Manifestation works by aligning your VIBRATION with the items. Your thoughts are your thoughts. If you thought repeatedly of killing someone, they would not die. If you thought you could fly, 100%, you would still fall. Many people think, for sure, something will happen (they will get this job, they will stay married to someone for life, they have no shot at winning the lottery, etc.) and yet these things happen...because they are THOUGHTS...thoughts help you with a vibrational state but it is not the only thing there is and that is why these LOA books create false senses of reality. Your actions (Karma), your thoughts, visualization, mantras, etc. can all help manifest. But LOA writers obsess about thinking and you have to trust 100%. It is IMPOSSIBLE to trust in something you have not seen yet 100%...that is called being gullible. I trust 100% the sun will rise tomorrow because...I have seen it throughout my life. My thoughts do not cause the sun to rise. Many negative thinking people have done amazing things, many positive thinking people have done nothing. Thoughts are thoughts and they only affect reality when you live them out!...

The comment I made 05MAR2016:

God or the Universe or Karma is NOT going to take something away from you and give it to me just because I want it. That wouldn't be right or fair. Manifesting stuff has to be fair, and right, and legal, or it's simply theft -- not manifestation or the law of attraction.

Brigham Young used to say, "Pray as if everything depends on God, but work as if everything depends on you."

That's the way it should be done.

If you want something bad enough, God will require that you get off your butt and go make one for yourself or buy one for yourself, rather than taking away mine and giving it to you for free.

Some people who pursue the Law of Attraction come to believe that God is nothing more than a Cosmic Wishing Well or Magical Genie ready to grant every wish. Reality doesn't work that way, and life shouldn't work that way. There's no learning or growth in just being given things. The growth comes through earning and learning stuff all on your own.

If you want money, then get off your butt and go to work. If you want a nice place to live, go make one. While you are doing so, pray and ask God to give you the strength and endurance to do so, or to live long enough to do so. When you are done and the thing you truly want is yours, it's TRULY YOURS, because YOU made it and/or YOU paid for it -- with or without God's help.

Yes, if you are all crippled-up, God can indeed send someone to help if you pray and ask for such help; but, God gets a lot of those kinds of requests, and many times the ones that God tries to send are NOT listening or asleep at the wheel. Even then, God can be there with you to help your passing to be more pleasant or bearable, and then God will be waiting for you on the other side.

For each and every one of us, the day will come when it will be our day to die; and, no amount of positive thinking, law of attraction, prayer, or hard work will be able to prevent you from going home to God. When God decides it's your time, there is nothing that you can do to stop it or postpone it. Even if you were to give God everyone of your possessions as a bribe, you are still going to die. It's your time to die, and die you will, no matter what you are thinking about or doing at the time.

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