Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

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Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

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Patterns of Evidence: Exodus:

I found it interesting that the mainstream Egyptologists and Archeologists insist that the Exodus took place in 1250 BC or 1200 BC, so that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever found in the archeological record for the Exodus. Then they conclude that the Exodus never happened, and the Bible is false, because they can find no evidence for the Exodus in the 1250 BC to 1200 BC time frame that they have selected for it. Tricky!

Again, in typical atheistic fashion, they are relying upon deception and self-deception and falsehoods in order to prove the Bible false. They won’t budge from these 1200 BC dates, because doing so would open the door for the Bible to actually be true; and, they can’t have that!

I personally found it interesting that the date given for the Exodus in the LDS Bible Dictionary is 1491 BC, a date that the LDS Church got from Biblical scholars and NOT Egyptologists and Archeologists. If the Revised Chronology mentioned in the LDS Bible Dictionary is applied, then the date for the Exodus moves up to 1469 BC.

Astronomer and Calendar Specialist John Pratt uses sacred calendars based upon different planets in our solar system to pinpoint the date of the Exodus. ... xodus.html ... s-Date.pdf

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