A Theophany is a visible manifestation of God to humankind -- seeing, hearing, and touching a God. Grand Observations of Deity.
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Dear Reader:

I have met Latter-day Saints who are writing books and articles explaining why they believe, why they think God exists, and why they have chosen to remain true and faithful to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some of these people have put years of effort and research into these books. For some, it's the best of their life's work, the very cream of their existence.

But, they have no place to publish it, no audience, and no place to get feedback so that they can polish and refine their work. If you have a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and you have an uplifting book or article that you want distributed or made available for free, something that you wish you could put in the Ensign or Liahona for the whole world to see, I will be glad to post it here so that you can share your testimony and ideas with the rest of us.

I have a few friends who have written interesting articles or books explaining why they believe the LDS Church to be true, and I am encouraging them to finish or polish their work and then post it here. Some of my LDS friends have deep or interesting ideas to share with the rest of the world, but no forum in which they can do so. I'm also encouraging them to write what they want the rest of the world to know and then post it here.

The cream or the best of what is posted or shared here on this forum we intend to feature and point to on our website.


AN LDS SOUL is all being done for free as a public service. We were freely given and intend to freely give. As you can see, if you study this forum and the accompanying website, An LDS Soul, you will be hard-pressed to find any advertising. We intend to keep our website and this forum free from advertising. (We will temporarily put up the occasional Google Ad on the website, in order to encourage Google to find the website. Go see if you can find the Google Ad that we stuck in there. Don't be surprised if it changes location from month to month.)

Obviously, you are free to link to whatever you want to link to in your Signature, and in your articles you are also free to link to anything that you feel to be appropriate, even advertising. When we do some of the book reviews that we have planned, we will indeed link to external sites where you can then go and buy the book if you desire to do so. But, you are just not going to be seeing advertising banners popping up in the middle of your posts and articles, because we don't intend to be doing any of that here.

Anyone can register for this forum and participate. You can come here, register, and post anything you want to post. Just be aware that this site is pro-LDS, so if anyone starts posting material that is offensive or derogatory of the LDS Church or the Brethren, it may be reported and deleted. We only intend to sticky the best contributions to the top of a forum, where it will be seen and found first. We want to run this forum as a School of the Prophets, where those who have a testimony of Jesus Christ can come and edify and uplift each other.

My public motto is "No Friend Request Denied", and I intend to apply that motto here as well. In all things, my goal is to make friends, the more the merrier. I also refuse to limit my friendships exclusively to Latter-day Saints. I'm not going to back anything that is designed to tear down the LDS Church and the Brethren, but I'm going to welcome anyone who wants to come here and be my friend, whether they are LDS or not. Some of my favorite friends are Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, or Atheist. I'm an equal opportunity all-inclusive friend. Sometimes all we really need in this world is a friend.

On this forum, there will be no hidden forums, topics, or posts. If people want to do things in private, they can do so in Personal Messaging. I have been the target to be excluded from forums, posts, and topics; and, I didn't like it. Just like the Gospel of Jesus Christ, everything posted here will be open to everyone in the world, Saint and sinner, faithful and disobedient, popular or disliked. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is GOOD NEWS for everyone on this planet. I desire for this forum to be operated in the same way.

I have been asked from time-to-time who "We" is. We is me, myself, and I, my spouse and family, my LDS friends, along with all my contributors. I hope that someday WE will also include YOU.


Darwin Max Bagley

https://www.linkedin.com/pub/darwin-max ... 5b/b16/277

There are many Darwin Bagley's in this world. I'm the one to the MAX!

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Post#2 » Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:00 am

Good news doesn't sell. The natural man isn't interested in it in the least.

The apostate sites will always bring more traffic. They love seeing an apostle crucified in public, and they love roasting a True Blue Mormon in public. It's like the Roman gladiatorial games. Bloodsport. They live for it. They love blood in the water.

When I had that vision or revelation of the kind of LDS site that the Lord wants me to create, I knew right from the start that it would make no money and would have a very limited readership. It would be a not-for-profit charity. There would be no traffic. It would be just a quiet little site with a few loyal participants. I also knew that I would have to develop the skills necessary to create it, so it would be awhile before it got built. It took five months before I knew what I was doing and was able to put it together.

Many websites cater to the LDS apostates because it draws in more traffic, a hundred times more traffic, a thousand times more traffic. These sites have made a home for them to come, reside in that large and spacious building, spending all their time mocking the LDS Apostles and the TBMs. They love to point the finger and mock. It makes them feel good inside. The Book of Mormon predicted them. They are fulfilling prophecy.

I, too, am looking forward to conference. For me, the LDS General Authorities are the real deal. They don't draw in much traffic or many followers either, just a few loyal followers.

Good news won't sell.

I have had people kindly write to me in PM and warn me that my LDS website and forum will be quickly overrun by Apostates and that there will be nothing I can do about it. However, I have learned from their example, and I truly believe that I won't have any of the problems that they are having.


First of all, there will be NO hidden forums or sections on my LDS website and forum. Apostates can only work in the dark. They are resisted if they come out into the light. They are exposed for what they are if they come out into the light. I will provide no place for them to hide on An LDS Soul.

Second, we intend to focus primarily on the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. God News or Good New does not sell. Nobody is interested in it. Therefore, our readership and the number of participants in our forum will be very low and very easy to manage. We simply won't be a magnet for the excommunicated, the wolf in sheep's clothing, and the anti-Christ.

Third, we truly intend to delete anything that is anti-LDS, anti-Brethren, and anti-Christ. We will delete the accounts of those who spread bad news, and their messages will be deleted. The apostates will have no incentive to participate if they know that their messages are just going to be reported and deleted.

Fourth, only a couple of people will ever have access to our website. We intend to promote and list only the cream of the cream on our website, the material that truly inspires or informs. All the other material will be found on our forum, but won't be featured prominently on our website. Our website will be a sanctuary for the Good News of the Gospel, and the LDS Apostates simply will not have any interest in any of that.

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Post#3 » Wed May 20, 2015 5:13 pm

Brian Mecham from LDS Freedom Forum and others warned me about creating an LDS website and told me that there would be nothing I could do to prevent the apostates from over-running my site and dragging it down to their level. I listened to their warnings, but disagreed.

I told some of them including Brian that I won't have any problems whatsoever, because Good News does NOT sell. Nobody is interested in Good News -- you have to give it away, and even then, most people won't want it. 99% of the people are drawn to Dirty Laundry, Bad News. They want blood in the water. They want to crucify an Apostle or roast a TBM. They want to turn us against the LDS Church. That's what gives them the thrill they are seeking.

I told Brian and the others that my LDS site will only draw a few loyal interested participants and followers, because I'm going to focus on the Good News of the Gospel. Nobody is interested in that. Just like the LDS Apostles have a small and loyal and interested following, I fully expected my LDS website and forum to be exactly the same. People just aren't interested in that kind of stuff.

I was right. The few that have thanked me have done so in person, and they haven't even registered on this forum.

I learned from Brian and some of the other LDS websites and forums, and I designed mine so that I wouldn't have any problems whatsoever. I'm making no attempt to make any kind of money off of it. It's my free, public service, website. (I have others that were designed to make money.) I'm focused exclusively on the Good News of the Gospel, teaching the Gospel. I don't talk about politics or the most recent excommunication and whether it was justified or not. There are no hidden forums and no members-only forums. I learned from Brian Mecham to avoid those kinds of things. Consequently, there are only a few people on the planet who are actually interested in my LDS website and forum, just as I expected and wanted it to be. There's just nothing here to draw in the false prophets and the excommunicated Latter-day Aints. There's just no place for them to hide or do their thing.

The only thing of interest that has occurred is that a Russian actually registered and then started posting Russian messages and links to Hollywood movies. I was getting record-number views until I deleted the person's account and messages and blocked his IP Address. Then once again, everything went back to normal, and only a few people have shown any interest.

Anyway, I learned a lot from Brian Mecham -- primarily learned what not to do. And, since I'm not trying to make any money off of it, it doesn't matter if anyone finds it or sees it. I have a daughter that I hope will find this site someday, when or if she ever decides to come back into the Church. I'm trying to put together articles and links that will be of help to her, because they were of help to me when I was out of the Church.

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