Your Thoughts Are Spiritual Experiences

Joel 2: 28: I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.
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Your Thoughts Are Spiritual Experiences

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Spiritual experiences are real to the person who experiences them. Dreaming is a spiritual experience; and, that dream really happened to the individual who experienced it, but left no physical traces in the physical world recording the events of the dream for others to witness and share. Hypnosis is a spiritual experience because it leaves no physical traces behind. Thought is a spiritual experience, because our thoughts cannot be read and recorded with our physical instruments or scientific instruments. Our physical instruments can detect that the brain is in the process of thinking about something, but our physical instruments cannot tell us what the person is actually thinking about. Our thoughts or consciousness or human spirit exists at frequencies beyond the range of frequencies that our physical instruments can detect. These spiritual frequencies tend towards infinity, but our physical frequencies do not and have limits. Furthermore, the spiritual or consciousness also exists in all the “empty space” between the nucleus of an atom and its orbiting electrons, within the zero-point field or the quantum sea of light that fills the immensity of space; consequently, there is no way for the physical to detect the spiritual. The spiritual is infinitely more refined than the physical; and, the spiritual exists within the “empty parts” of the physical and upholds the physical. Some parts of the spiritual have “mass” or “presence” and can be inferred to exist through physical observation; and, these parts of the spiritual are most likely the dark matter and the dark energy that we know is there but cannot detect directly with our physical instruments. You have spiritual experiences every day, and your spiritual experiences or thoughts are real to you and really happened to you, even if you can’t prove their existence to any of the rest of us. The spiritual must be experienced first-hand or first-person in order to know that the spiritual is real and true. Think about it, and have a spiritual experience while you are doing so! Your thoughts are spiritual experiences.

— Darwin Max Bagley

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