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ALL law in the Western World is based upon the Bible. Where did we get our laws from? We got them from the Bible. Our original laws were God's laws, and they came straight from the Bible and Mount Sinai.

If you are truly interested in law, it's origin within Western society, then you go straight to the Bible. Everything we have in terms of law comes straight from the Bible. They were the first society to live by the law or to live the laws. The Hebrews were big on the law. When it comes to law, nothing else can compare to them. No other society ever had such a complex law code.

For decades, the Bible was there in every courtroom and every court session in the United States, because it represented the law. What some label as myth was in fact THE LAW for every Judeo Christian society during the past 4,000 years. So, if you are really as interested in the law as you claim to be, I suggest you give the Bible a look -- it's foundational to our law.

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